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Mankeel MK006 Self-balancing Pro Electric Scooter by Porsche With APP 350W 35km/h

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Mankeel MK006 Self-balancing Pro Electric Scooter by Porsche With APP 350W 35km/h


The scooter appearance of this model is designed by the Porsche team, with smooth and beautiful appearance lines, which fully utilizes Porsche's smooth and elegant vehicle design principles. And width fully hidden scooter body, for better anti-theft and damage prevention.

 Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter With APP

The overall weight of the scooter is only 14KG, but such a light weight does not sacrifice any battery life performance at all. the actual test results approved the max range of this electric scooter is reach 35km/h. This Model includes a LED strip side light provides a cool atmospheric light that also acts as a safety measurement for the surrounding people.

Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter With APP

All of our efforts have culminated in a work of art that is both beautiful and functional.


LCD exquisite interactive instrument

Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter

Simple and easy to operate, the power and speed display are clear at a glance

Real-time display of remaining power, reminding you to charge in time
and the riding speed is displayed in real time.

Scooter Design:

Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter

APP intelligent operation

Intelligent dynamics, real-time data detection, complete functions, convenient management, Scooter anti-theft lock via app.

Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter


Fast folding in 3 seconds it only takes a few simple push and pull steps to complete the folding of the scooter body, carrying, storing or placing it in the trunk of the bike are all sample and easy.

Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter

Mankeel by Porsche Pro Electric Scooter


Product Specification: 

Rated Power: 350W

Peak Power: 500W

Voltage: 36V

Battery: 7.8Ah

Max Range: 30-35KM

Waterproof: IP54 

Max Laod: 120KG

Max Gradeability: 18°

Three speed control15/20/25KM 

Brake system: Rear wheel disc brake

Tires: 10 "rubber vacuum tire

Hook Bearing: ≤3-5KG 

Folder: Sleeve folding

N.W: 14kg

G.W: 18kg

Charging time: 3-5 Hours

Full size: 1130*580*1135mm

Folded size: 1130*580*500mm

Package size: 1200*240*560mm 

Disclaimer - Please note, privately-owned e-scooters can not be used on public highways (roads/pavements), and can only be used on private property with the landowner’s consent. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn at all times. This e-scooter should not be ridden by persons under the age of 16 years.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elena Heath
Awesome Product.

It саmе in, wаѕ built аnd tеѕt drоvе it all in 15-20 minѕ аnd it has itѕ own арр аlоng with it.

Ryan Duke
Great for local trips

Just amazing аnd fun. Long bаttеrу life аnd ѕuреr fаѕt. WEAR A HELMET. THIS THING CAN GO UP TO 30 milеѕ per hour.

John Mowry
Nice ride

Thiѕ ѕсооtеr is an еxtrеmеlу fun way tо gеt аrоund tоwn! I’m juѕt undеr thе 200lb limit аnd it rides pretty ѕmооthlу еvеn on thе rоugh tеrrаin оf NYC.

Carl Major
Fast and solid scooter

This thing iѕ аwеѕоmе. Mу ѕесоnd scooter. This rides so niсе. I'm 200 pounds and it сlimbѕ grеаt. It hitѕ аnd hоldѕ mаx advertised ѕрееd.

John Fleck

Amаzing ѕсооtеr, if you wаnt to gо for a lоng ridе it's thе оnе аnd it сlimbѕ hillѕ very gооd. And its lightwеight еffесt is аmаzing.

A new kind of electric scooter.

Modern designs with smart details, performance, functionality, a new luxury feel with a economic price points.

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