Could electric scooters be the solution to avoid the new CAZs Clean Air Zones charges introduced in many cities across the UK?

As the newest wave of adjustments takes effect, the repercussions of the government's Clean Air Zones (CAZs) continue to reverberate across the UK. The 'Ultra-Low Emission Zone' (ULEZ) in London has already been extended to the north and south circulars, while Portsmouth's new CAZ will be operational later this month.
clean air zone charges
The new charge regimes for vehicles that do not meet emission requirements are likely to have an impact on how many people travel, thereby discouraging the use of older, more polluting gasoline or diesel automobiles in metropolitan areas.

Electric automobiles and some vehicles which are very low emission are excluded, but electric scooters, electric bikes and cargo bikes (as well as rental electric scooters which can be found in many major cities) are expected to play a role for many people who don't want to pay the high cost of upgrading to an electric car or van.

Which cities have CAZs (clean air zones) in place? 

CAZs are now being implemented or planned in Birmingham, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth, London, Newcastle/Gateshead/North Tyneside, Bradford, Sheffield and Manchester while Liverpool may opt for a full-scale congestion zone.
cities in the uk with clean air zones

How does this impact you?

You could be charged every time you enter a CAZ if your vehicle does not satisfy pollution regulations. This might range from £8-12.50 for a car or cab (depending on where you reside), or as much as £100 for a large commercial vehicle if you're a business owner. You to book before you enter a CAZ using your reg number, if you enter without booking you will be fine up to £100 per entry. The charges may be higher for commercial vehicles.

As a result, many people who drive older gasoline or diesel vehicles will be charged unless they change their driving habits.

 How you can avoid these charges?

Electric scooters and electric bikes seems to be the cheapest and most effective solution for folks who want to travel independently for less money. They are not only significantly less expensive to purchase than electric cars, but they also have lower continuing charging costs. Not only you will ovide getting stuck in traffic  Plus you won't even have to pay for parking or waste time looking for a parking spot! 

electric scooter and electric bike
Currently, rental e-scooters are likely to operate in zones similar to the new CAZs, while the UK Government is expected to examine the results of the trials in the future with the goal of legalising the usage of privately owned e-scooters.

Electric bikes, on the other hand, currently offer the closest flexibility to a car without the cost, as well as the extra benefit of clear health benefits without you having to drive.

Check out our guide for e-scooter and e-bikes.

 Its clear that using the old mode of transportation such as a petrol or diesel car will be become difficult and expensive in these CAZs so getting your self an electric scooter or a electric bike will be your safest bet. Not to mention they are a lot of fun to ride also. 

For more information on CAZs check you the link below.

Clean Air Zones

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