Beginners' Guide To Buying an Electric Bike

Beginners' Guide To Buying an Electric Bike
Riding an electric-powered bike or e-bike for the first time can feel like discovering a superpower, this is because pedal-assisted e-bikes can extend the possibilities for two-wheel. You can switch seamlessly between pedaling yourself (getting some good exercise) to using the electric motor and enjoying a relaxing ride. You can reach your destination without worrying about traffic lights, ride easily with kids, and have fun.
They’re genuinely superb for tours, exercise, or even on your everyday travels as they offer easy rides that might have appeared too far or too hilly. But what precisely are the factors to consider before buying an electric bike online, and how to pick the best one? Here’s an e-bike buyer's guide that should assist you in your search to buy an electric bike.

Consider Your Needs

Electric bikes are built in various designs, each design has its own functionality and uses. It is now up to you to decide which characteristics are most integral to you. If you value comfort, a step-through frame might be best for you.
If you want extra assistance ascending steep routes, a middle motor or excessive torque hub motor might be an excellent option. If you prefer to bike lengthy distances, pick an electric bike with a battery life of at least 400 watt-hours or more. Whatever your necessities are, use them as a guide when selecting an e-bike to buy.

Engine Performance

Another consideration while choosing an electric bike is engine performance. With higher Watt, your e-bike has the ability to carry extra weight more easily without any difficulty but bear in mind higher watt drains the battery more quickly. 

choosing an electric bike

The Nm ranking refers to the pressure or energy that is used to move the e-bike's back wheel also known as torque. A greater Nm ranking can help the back wheel to speed up or climb a steep slope. We simply make sure that you have the best motor & battery for your riding style.

Choose Type:

E-bikes are classified into three categories:
Pedal Assisted Only - These bikes have an electric motor that can have speeds of up to 20mph. You will continue to pedal at speeds greater than 20 mph but without the assistance of the electric motor. This is ideal for light city riding.
Throttle-Assisted - These electric road bikes combine the comfort of pedal-assisted electric bikes with the added speed of a throttle. This is perfect for traffic jams where you want to pass a car or simply want more speed.
Pedal and Throttle Assisted - This type of E-bike allows you to pedal at speeds of up to 30 mph while also using the throttle at speeds of up to 20 mph. It is not recommended for bicycle paths. In certain countries, you may be required to obtain permission before riding.

Motor Placement:

The location of a motor has little effect on electric bikes, it is still important to know which one is best for you. There are two types of electric bike motors available today: 
Hub-Drive Motor: Front hub drive motors are located in the hub of the front wheel, while rear hub drive motors are located in the rear wheel of the E-bike. They are simple to install and provide better service over a longer period of time.
Mid-Drive Motors: These motors are located in the centre and provide the rider with more stability and speed. They provide the most comfortable rides, but they are much more expensive than hub drive motors.


If you’re trying to pick the best electric bicycle, this simple guide should be able to point you in the right direction. All of these factors will ultimately be determined by your riding interest and needs.
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